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Which kind of Halloween girl are you?

Ok, so, as we all know, there are three types of Halloween girls:


1-      The look at how god damn cute/sexy I still am


The only time I have done sexy Halloween was for my first ever house party, I was like ‘oh yeah I’m so hot and cool and I just love alcohol so much!’ *she said whilst sipping on my Caribbean Crush.*

Yes, it was extremely cliché, but I dressed as a Bunny rabbit, even though a Bright Pink, massively cleavagey dress did not even SLIGHTLY resemble a rabbit. This outfit, along with hosting my first (and what felt like my wildest) house party made me feel like the coolest and hottest gal in the whole wide world, little did I know that I in fact I looked like a tart whose mother would be ashamed (sorry mum!)


2-      The, I will drink your blood and wear your limbs as a scarf but still look hot (ok, maybe a bit too far but you know what I mean.)


Vampire teeth, a drop of blood and contact lenses is as scary as it gets for me, but that is because Halloween kind of scares me, I have the biggest fear of clowns, (even writing the word has given me heart palpitations), so I tend to give the scary costumes a miss, mainly because I would most likely end up drinking too much, looking in the mirror and scaring myself to death, not cute at all.


3- The, I really don’t care what any of you think of me, I look HILLARIOUS!


Dressing up as Buzz Lightyear was one of my Halloween highlights, this was how I was remembered at Uni, and I’m not one to brag but I was pretty much the talk of the town this night. I had the full works, purple hat, drawn on beard, the lot! Yes it took a lot of ‘Dutch courage’ to allow me to leave the house, but it was by far one of the best Halloween nights ever! What made it even better was how my partner in crime best friend dressed up as Woody, and even in everyday life he scarily resembles everyone’s favourite cowboy! But yeah, the funny costume is DEFINITELY my favourite thing to do, you just spend the whole night laughing, without a care in the world, to date Buzz Lightyear and Austin Powers have been my favourite…


So what about this year? As the world is eerily like the Batman movies at the moment, I am thinking to either be Poison Ivy, or the Penguin… What do you reckon?


What outfit are you going to go for? I have to recommend the funny girl costume, and who knows, if you send me a picture of yours you may be in for a treat from me this year!