New Year

The adventures of a misunderstood Red Head…

So, I’m having a bit of a clear out in my room before my night out, because, you know, that’s the done thing, I’ve got my rollers in, dressing gown on and listening to The Best of Motown, when I notice the cutest, tattiest little black book, (no, not that kind of black book), FULL of all my travel adventures from my past. Wow, the 18-23 years really were good to me!

Well, you may as well just read it for yourself…

December 26th, 2010,

Dear Diary,

My Boxing Day is normally spent stuffing my face with left-over turkey, watching my Granny choke on her cold stuffing or being blamed for the Mingles that have ‘gone missing’ whilst my dog throws up in the garden from a chocolate over dose, (all very true stories), but not this year! Today I am spending my Boxing day travelling to Thailand with my friends, all very drunk, of course, psyching ourselves up for what may the best New Year’s Eve to date… Full Moon Party, are you ready!?

I’m more excited than I’ve ever been IN MY LIFE, but I do have 3 little fears playing around in my head:

1-      Don’t lose my money- I mean I don’t have much as it is

2-      Don’t lose my friends- they really are great, and being in Thailand on my own does kinda scare me

3-      Don’t lose my dignity- ok, not really that much of a fear, these things happen don’t they?!


December 28th, 2010,

Dear Diary,

So, I still have my money, I still have my friends, but my dignity… very questionable!

THAILAND IS AMAZING! It is a whole new world out here and everyone just loves to party, it’s been non-stop and right now I feel on top of the world. Although, last night, falling out of the Tuk Tuk made me feel very much underneath it, well definitely underneath the Tuk Tuk that’s for sure. But I’m still here, and loving every minute, yes, I may have drunkingly cried for about 15 minutes after my traumatic experience, where I feared for my life, but nothing a Jaeger Bomb couldn’t solve!

Before the fall…



December 30th, 2010

Dear Diary,

Safe to say I replaced my fabulous friends with the man of my dreams last night! It was quite romantic really; he was my Knight in Shining Armour when my dignity was on its last legs. When I say romantic, I mean he picked me up when I fell off the bar dancing… We did have so much fun though; we had Cocktail after Cocktail, Sex on the Beach, followed by Sex on the Beach, followed by Sex on the Beach… What an amazing night!

January 1st, 2011

Dear Diary,

If I am not already dead, I think I am definitely dying. Where is my cat?! Please send help and all of the food. L

January 2nd, 2011

Dear Diary,


Ok, so I am not dead, and I am finally beginning to feel slightly human again. But New Year’s Eve Full Moon party, from what I can remember was immense! I did get a little carried away and ended up losing all of my friends, but the new friends I made were, I may even go as far as saying, even better than the friends I travelled with. They seemed to really enjoy my craziness!! Although, falling off the bar seems to be my new thing, however, this time it was because I fell asleep on top of it! Dignity has 100% gone, but my new friends thought I was hilarious, so surely that’s all that matters right?


If you can’t spot me, it’s because I’m lying on the floor after my fall…


Oh, reading this has made me want to go straight back there, definitely had the time of my life! Who else has been to Thailand?

I am missing it that badly, that I have decided to create the Full Moon party at my house this New Year’s Eve, yes I am not in Thailand but I promise you I am going to try my best to make it just as wild!!! When have I ever broken a promise before? ;)